The router is a device that connects the system to a network. In packet switched network it acts as a device and for the system it works as a software too. It is a software by which you can configure your network. The router works as transmission device that despatch data packets to their destination address. Router identifies the best path to forward packets to their destination. Every router has IP address through which we can connect our devices to a network. is an IP address that is being used by many router manufacturers.

There is a range of IP address from to Router Login which is being used by all routers. The IP address is the only path to connect your system to a router. There are generally two types of router -Broadband and Wi-Fi routers.Now a days Wi-Fi routers are very popular. Wi-Fi routers require simple steps to configure with networks.

How to Connect a Router through Router Login:

To connect to a router with any IP address, you have to first enter the default Dlink login credentials. If the login is successful then only you ca get access to all settings of a router.

To log in to a router, you need to connect your router to your computer. You can use Wi-Fi and also LAN cable to connect it. It is very simple and easy to connect with LAN cable.After you have successfully connected, you need to enter the default IP address of the router in any browser, and it will redirect you to the control panel of the router. Every router has an IP address, and you will get that in the body of the router. Then you have to enter the default username and password of the router for any type of changes you need to do in the router settings. In maximum router password is "admin" or "password." You can use these passwords to connect to your router for the first time. Later you can change this default login credentials.

Router Settings and Configuration:

Every router has default settings and configuration. Users have to change those default settings to make a network more secure. You have to change the router configuration settings from the console of the router. It is recommended to change the default settings as login credentials, IP address, as many hackers always remain in a scope to snoop your network in an illegal way. To get access to router control panel you have to connect the router with admin computer.

Control panel is also called dashboard from which you can change settings of the router. Control panel of routers may differ from brand to brand, but the basic configuration always remains same.Below I am going to share the steps to Connect to a Router through admin.

How To Dlink Login IP address? Procedures

​Every router has their own default username and password. In maximum router username and password, both is admin. is the default IP address of this router. You have to login with this IP address to get access to its control panel. In the control panel, you can change all the default login credentials to give your own username and password. Below I am providing all the required steps to login to the router with IP address.

Below I will compile all the required steps to change your default login credential and default IP address, which is very important and recommended.

Step 1: The first step is to connect your router with your system. You have to connect the router using LAN cable or Wi-Fi. To connect with LAN cable you have to install LAN driver on your computer. It is recommended to use LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi as it is simple and easy.

Step 2: You have to know the IP address of the router. You will get the IP address in the body of the router. You have to put this IP address in any of your browsers. If the above step is successful, then you will directly redirect to the dashboard of the router or router control panel.

Step 3: Now you have to enter the default login credentials which in the maximum router is "admin". Log in with this password and get access to the control panel of the router. After successful login, you are authorized to make any changes in router settings. for ex: admin

How To Reset Dlink Router Username & Password:

If you have forgotten your router main username and password, then you can't be able to recover it. The only way is to reset the router and get back to its factory settings.

Every router has reset tab or button that present in the back of the maximum router. You have to press that button to reset it. Hold the button for few moments with needle-like substances for 20 seconds. After that, your router will automatically restart to go back to its factory settings. After that following the above steps, you have to set new username and password. This is the way to reset router username and password.

So, if this article seems helpful, then please give your feedback in the comment box. Reset is the only option if in case you have forgotten your router username and password.

Conclusion: I think you have understood all steps to connect your router to your computer system. This article How to Connect to a Router through Router Login provides you the full information regarding router connection.So, if this article seems helpful, then please place your valuable feedback.

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