Router | How to login and setup IP address ip login: The router is used to connect system with the network. Maximum router manufacturing company uses this IP address, and some customize it. A router acts as a transmitter that transmits packet data to their destination address. In the market, you will find many companies of the router, but the IP address remains almost same. There is the specific range of IP address that every router used.Many popular router brand is using IP address as D-link, Linksys, etc. Mainly all ASDL router uses this IP address.

Every router has their own dashboard. The dashboard may differ, but the basic features and functionalities of router always remain same. You can configure router settings directly from the dashboard as it contains all tools to configure it as per your needs. In this post how to login, I will give an example of D-link router with all required steps.

How to login IP address? Procedures

Every router has their own default username and password. In maximum router username and password, both is admin. is the default IP address of this router. You have to login with this IP address to get access to its control panel. In the control panel, you can change all the default login credentials to give your own username and password. Below I am providing all the required steps to login to the router with IP address. ip loginstep1:

The first step is to connect your router with your system. You have to connect the router using LAN cable or Wi-Fi. To connect with LAN cable you have to install LAN driver on your computer. It is recommended to use LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi as it is simple and easy.


You have to know the IP address of the router. You will get the IP address in the body of the router. You have to put this IP address in any of your browsers. If the above step is successful, then you will directly redirect to the dashboard of the router or router control panel.


Now you have to enter the default login credentials which in the maximum router is “admin”. Log in with this password and get access to the control panel of the router. After successful login, you are authorized to make any changes in router settings. for ex: admin

Below I will compile all the required steps to change your default login credential and default IP address, which is very important and recommended.

How to change router default Login password:

It is smart and wise to change the default password of your router. There are many hackers on the internet who always to harm you, so they use default username and password to snoop your router configuration. But if you change the default login credentials then hackers will not be able to trace your IP address with which you are connected. image

After successfully connects to the control panel of the router you have to click on the settings button in the dashboard. In the setting section, you will find the options to change the username and password. The option may differ as Dashboard of each router is not exactly same. So, search for the right option and change your login credential to make your network more secure. It is always recommended to give your network a secure password. You have to use different combination in your password as symbol, character, and numeric or even you can use a password generator to give a strong password.


The dashboard of the router may differ, but the steps that I have listed above are all basic. You have to follow these steps to login IP address. If you have face any problem in login, then please share with me in the below comment box. I am here to help you always and all time.

Updated: February 2, 2018 — 10:28 am

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