How to Reset Router username and password? [Fix]

How to Reset Forgot Router You may call a router a software and also a device. It works as software in your system and works as a device to connect you with a network. Router mainly works to connect your systems to a network. Technically router dispatches the packet data to their destination address securely in a packet-switched network. You might know that we need an IP address to connect a router to a network and with our system. Every router has a particular IP address. You need to log in using that IP address to connect it successfully. Normally, every router has IP address range between and, and every router has default username and password.

It is recommended to change the all default settings of the router to make your network more secure and strong. It is very much recommended as there are many hackers those who can use the default settings of your router to accomplish any illegal works. In the course of this article how to change dlink password username password, I will provide all information change default username and password and also help you to overcome the scenario, when you have forgotten your router username and password.

How to Reset Forgot Router username and password:

dlink router password setup this IP address is the default Internet protocol address that being used by many router manufacturing companies. Later you can change the default IP address like username and password too. But remember you have to change the IP address within that range that I have shared above. With correct login credentials and IP address, you can get access to the main network management console or normally control panel of a router.

Below I will compile together all the required steps that you need to perform to connect a router to a system.

Login to router setup


To connect you need to first disconnect all active internet connection to your system.


You can connect a router through a LAN cable as well as through Wi-Fi. It is easy to handle if you have connected with LAN cable and so it is preferable. If you going to connect using LAN cable then you have to install LAN driver in your system.


Enter the default IP address that you will get in the body of the router in any of your browsers.


After successful connection, you will be redirected to the login page of the router which is the gateway of router control panel.


Enter the default username and password which in the case of the maximum router is either admin or password. If you have completed the login procedure successfully, then you will redirect to the console page of a router.

Now You are eligible to change the default username and password. In the control panel, you will find a tab”Password.” Click on this tab to give your router a new password.

If you want to secure your wireless network, then you have to block all unauthorized access using a password. For that, you have to go to wireless router settings and then click on “Wireless security.”

i forgot my d link admin password  Router – How to reset shown below:

If you have forgotten your router main username and password, then you can’t be able to recover it. The only way is to reset the router and get back to its factory settings. reset dlink router

reset dlink router

Every router has reset tab or button that present in the back of the maximum router. You have to press that button to reset it. Hold the button for few moments with needle-like substances for 20 seconds. After that, your router will automatically restart to go back to its factory settings. After that following the above steps, you have to set new username and password. This is the way to reset router username and password.

So, if this article seems helpful, then please give your feedback in the comment box. Reset is the only option if in case you have forgotten your router username and password.

Updated: February 8, 2018 — 11:55 am

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